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This is a new baking paper, developed by PDL in France.

Avere has the exclusive sales rights for the Primabake range in the world.

More info on the following website:

RangeĀ Primabake

Single Bake: Primabake Eco Light

1-2 Bakes: Primabake Light

2-3 Bakes: Primabake Classic

> 4 bakes: Primabake Star and Star+. Low Cobb values allow great release even in humid conditions

Bleached (standard) and unbleached (upon pulp availability) inĀ 39, 41 and 46 gsm, available in panliner sheets and mother reels

Primabake Lam

The construction is Primabake 1 side silicone coated and a 7 microns aluminum sheet on the other side

Other nice examples how to use baking papers and make your life easier:

Wet the paper heavily, like a sponge

Line it into the tray, it feels like silk, it does not pop up anymore, let it dry, depending upon what you cook or bake…

Enjoy the non stick properties!

Bake the left over again as it tastes even better; this is where lasagna usually stick a lot, but not with our baking paper!

Or just a simple pizza?

Papillote needs to be cooked in baking paper, not in aluminum!! Wet the paper heavily to flex it; enjoy the healthy food!

Or just fold your own muffin holders:

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