About us

We are a sales agency with a worldwide network, offering our experience and market knowledge in sales, marketing and development activities. We are specialized in the paper and flexible packaging industries.

History and Future

Avere was founded about 30 years ago by Christian Marie. Christian worked for French, Spanish, Italian and Rumanian suppliers producing paper, carton board and coated papers dealing with supplies to the French market.

In 2017-2018, Christian sold his assets to us, David and Simon. We have developed strong experiences in technical papers and converted products such PE/ PET/ PLA or bio coated laminates sold in Europe and North America. With a wide customers network in the industry, distribution and retailers, we have taken AVERE portfolio to a much different level and are ambitiously seeking for further growth opportunities. We have also invested in a team of professionals to serve our suppliers and customers.


Simon Bernigaud

Associated partner


- Ex Ahlstrom Baking Paper Sales Director, worldwide
- Ex Metsä Baking Paper Sales Director, Southern Europe

David Degorce

Associated partner


- Ex Ahlstrom VP & General Manager Genuine Parchment
- Ex President PaperChef Inc, Toronto (Consumer reels – North America)
- Ex Business Leader/ Sales Director Canadian (ENFOLD) and German (Weber Verpackungen) producers. High end bags for bakery, meat and cheese, produces and horticulture.

Christian Marie

Associated partner


- Founder of AVERE
- Specialized in lightweight papers, coated papers and carton board.


Isabelle Gohier

Customer service

Lille, France

- Ex Ahlstrom sales assistant, covering baking paper sales administration.

Yvonne Lin

Customer service North America

Boston, USA

- Ex FiberPro sales assistant in Taiwan, covering baking and other technical papers in North America.

Jérôme Marie

Customer service


- Ex sales admin at Combiopack
- Ex world traveler

Justyna Rejment

Sales manager Eastern Europe, Baltic countries and UK


- Ex Metsa Sales Director, covering baking and other technical papers in Centrall and Eastern Europe.

Agnieszka Rejment

Customer service on Eastern Europe, Baltic countries and UK


- Studies finance and economy at Torun's University.

Valério Miozzo

Sales Manager


- Ex Ahlstrom sales manager
- Long career for various paper makers, industrial and food applications


Cooperation partner


- Owned by David Yang, former Ahlstrom representative in Taiwan and selling technical papers since 15 years in Asia and Australia/ New Zealand.

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